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Welcome to Buzet Aerodrome!

The first official ULM aerodrome in Belgium just 20 minutes from Brussels, easily accessible by car and by air.

Confluence offers a wide range of services and activities 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Here you can learn about our ULM initiation flights and find out how you can learn to fly and get your license.

Confluence is also the official distributor of RANS Coyote (S-6ES) and Super Coyote (S-6S) in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

We also distribute VL-3 aircraft from JMB Aviation and the FK-14 Polaris from B&F Technik in Belgium.

We also handle maintenance and any repairs on your aircraft. The aerodrome has several hangars for upto 50 aircraft.

First flight

Pilot initiation

Do you want to discover the pleasure and freedom of flying in a ULM?

Buzet Aerodrome is the place to go!

Do you dream of spreading your wings and flying?

Nothing could be simpler at ULM Buzet-Confluence!

Find all the info you need in the Lessons section.

Discover the flying club

Buzet’s flying club has been around for a long time and the adventure has just begun!

Come and say hello, either by road, or sky, you’ll always be welcomed with open arms.

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