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Tout le monde prend l'air!

Petits et grands aéronefs prennent les airs à Buzet!

 May 2021

The Sunny Days are finally back!

All types of flight are possible again (whilst taking the necessary precautions, of course)!

October 2019

Greenland Air Trophy

In June 2019, five small planes and a helicopter came from all over Europe for an epic Trans Atlantic Expedition. Flying from Wick (Scotland) to Iqaluit (Canada), via the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.

Besides the majestic scenery there were historic sites (such as Bluie West One, Bluie East Two, Crystal III, etc) - many of which haven't been seen in decades. The pilots landed where very few would dare.

Greenland Air Trophy is an annual event for small aircraft, crossing the Atlantic in both directions with a meeting in Narsarsuaq, Greenland.

Pilots for Team Americas (USA and Canada), and for Team Europe, compete in STOL and Precision Landing competitions - at the end, only one continent can win!

Discover this amazing adventure in:


May 2019

Confluence's new website is online!

The website, like the airstrip, has a new, fresh look!

The facelift is only the first step: a forum, second hand page and many others are yet to come.

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